Veterinary Resources & Local Online Communities for Pet Owners


As your trusted veterinary clinic, The Paw Patch Veterinary Hospital is happy to provide you with several reliable online resources aimed at optimizing the wellbeing of you and your pet. If you have any related questions, please contact us for further assistance.

  • Adoptions — There is no better feeling than adopting a pet. Not only are you saving a life and creating more room for other pets in shelters and rescue organizations, you are also gaining a new best friend that will love you unconditionally no matter what. Browse through these cuddly pets in the Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Zionsville, and Speedway areas, as well as in surrounding communities. These cute little creatures need someone to love—will it be you? Find your new pet from the following local rescue groups:
  • Newsletter — Receive routine updates about The Paw Patch Veterinary Hospital, along with important veterinary information regarding the safety and health of your dog or cat.
  • Pet picture gallery — Surf through our entertaining gallery of adorable Paw Patch patients and show off your own best friend by uploading your most charming picture of your dog or cat. This online community is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!
  • Veterinary links — Are you searching for some trustworthy veterinary material? We have comprised a list of website links that provide reliable veterinary information available to you at the click of a mouse. Learn how to properly care for your pet, look up training tricks and tips, or even research something more specific, such as which local plants may pose health hazards to your companion animal; the educational resources are truly limitless.
  • Pet loss resources — Learn how to console yourself, your children, or others from the death of a pet. Gain valuable pet grieving information and create online memorials in honor of your lost, beloved companion.
  • News and events — Get the latest and most up-to-date veterinary news, as well as details on fun, local pet events.
  • Coupons and promotions — Follow our coupons and promotions page to receive special discounts on our services!